How much does a whole house makeover costs, for a HDB 4room resale flat?

How much does a whole house makeover costs, for a HDB 4room resale flat?

To understand the question above, we must first understand what a makeover means. To some, a makeover means doing some basic carpentry and painting. To others, it includes changing the flooring of the whole house. Both are not wrong, as people understand things differently.

Here, I will try to write about what a whole house makeover actually means, and what are the things to look out for. Practicality, needs and wants. How to strike a balance.

There are a few types of 4 room resale flats. The newer ones are the BTO type flats. I am not going to write about the BTO ones here, either MOP or not. I will write here about the older flats. Mainly the resale flats.

A whole house makeover for a 4 room HDB flat can cost up to $40,000 – $50,000. This is the usual cost in the market. You can see many advertisements from interior designers and contractors, to compare them. Most will only include carpentry, painting and hacking for kitchen and toilets only. These packages also only include standard length for carpentry. For example, all will offer a 10ft top and 10ft bottom for kitchen cabinets. And wardrobe only for the master.

Some will offer hacking of floor tiles and the retiling works, others will offer overlaying the vinyl flooring. But none will offer you carpentry for the whole house. For example, TV console and feature wall for the living area. Wardrobes for all the bedrooms in the house. Toilets doors and all main sanitary fittings. Kitchen cabinet that can at least be practical in utilizing. Change of existing powerpoints and switches. Install all the lights and fans for the house. All these things mentioned are what a resale flat actually needs.

But many IDs and contractors are afraid to do this, as it will definitely push the price of the package up. What they do is offer a package for the bare minimum of works needed, and they will upsell you during the sales process and consultation. The price will still go up to the range above after all your add ons, if not more. We haven’t even added the windows, grilles, air con and even rewiring if it is needed. When all this is added, and when you add ceiling works or even plastering of the whole house walls. The price of renovating the whole house for a 4 room or 5 room resale flat can actually go up to $70,000 depending on the floor area of the unit.

So always consider this when buying a house. Do you like the existing walls? Does it need plastering? Are you going to be installing an L box with cove or false ceiling? All these plays a part in your decision making process, so you can better plan your finances. What are the pressing works that need to be done when moving in? Do you have a big enough budget to do all the works at the same time? Can some works be done later? Which will be the dirtiest works that must be done now?

All the above can be very overwhelming. This is also why we offer pre-renovation consultation. Yes, you don’t have to engage us for the renovation works to engage us for this. We will help you to come to the best decision with the finances that you have, and you can instruct your ID on what to do. The consultation starts from a small fee of $250, 1 time site visit. 1 hour consultation. Be in the right mind when going into a renovation project. You are spending a substantial amount of money. Make the right decisions. Don’t just listen to whoever you are engaging, have a second opinion. When you are paying for opinions, you are paying for expertise. Many of you will engage IDs and contractors in the market because of their prices. Majority will take the lowest price. None will ask what their waterproofing process is and whether they do waterproofing for the kitchen.

I think you get what I’m trying to say, and that I should stop blabbering about my concerns now. Just go in with your eyes wide open. I’m here when you need me. Thank you for reading and talk to you again soon in the next article.

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