How much does it cost for a HDB flat whole house renovation?

A whole house renovation depends on the works needed and done for the whole unit. 

It can be as straight forward as hacking, tiling, carpentry, rewiring and painting. Or as complex as adding customized niche for the house aesthetics, conceal wiring, plastering, ceiling works and very customized carpentry works for the whole house.

Let’s take a 5 room HDB resale unit as an example. 

For the hacking and tiling of the whole house can cost about: 

  • $30,000 more or less, inclusive limited carpentry for the kitchen, painting and minor electrical works

When you add on rewiring which can cost about:

  • $3500 minimum


  • $3950 minimum

Windows and grilles estimated at 150 sqft: 

  • $2250 and $1500 respectively


Including Main door, bedroom doors and air con, this can add up to be a substantial amount. We have not gotten to the carpentry works for the other areas of the house yet.

It can be frightening when you add it all up. This is why majority of renovations firms bait you in with a cheap renovation package. They know add-ons are inevitable. But you don’t. Agreeing to commit for a cheap package is easy. Only after you are halfway into it do you realize you need to spend more. And you cannot back out of it already. Now you are spending money that you didn't want to and likely also spending money that you don’t have.

There is a way out of this if you are realistic from the start, and try to understand each quote that you get by scrutinizing the descriptions more closely. 

After all this, you still need to have enough money for your kitchen equipment and home furnishings. This is why i would strongly recommend to choose a comprehensive renovation package that may have included sanitary fittings into it. This can greatly reduce your cost by a couple of thousand dollars.

For a comprehensive quote of your whole house renovation works, please approach us for a no obligation discussion and quotation. We will share cost breakdown with you and also timeline required.  


We are committed to the success of your home renovation.

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