What you need to know about Curtain Pelmet

What is a Curtain Pelmet?

The purpose of a curtain pelmet here, is to hide the curtains tracks. After installation, the curtain pelmet will look like a part of the ceiling. The material used for this curtain pelmet is the same as what you call an Lbox. 

When deciding to install a curtain pelmet.

First you’ll need to decide whether you’re doing a day curtain, night curtain or a day and night curtain. This will directly impact the width of your curtain pelmet from the wall. Although you would still need a minimum width space, for the curtain installers to insert their tools for the curtain track installation. And later on to hook your curtains to the curtain track. 

Installing curtain pelmet is best done when the bedroom or area is empty. It’s more challenging to install curtain pelmets when the unit is already inhabited. As curtain pelmet works is dirty, just like when you install Lbox. Only smaller. You need to clear the area of any furniture and movable items and unhook your curtains. Making the space as empty as possible will help the installers to prep it for installation. Adequate covers and protection can be done prior to start work when the area is clear of things.

After installation, painting is needed for the curtain pelmets including oil sealer. This is to seal it off, and to protect you from the dust.

Do let us know of any process that we have missed out above so that we can add on to it. 

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