When is the best time to plan for my renovation?

When is the best time to plan for my renovation?

When is the best time to plan for my renovation?

Usually, the best time to plan for your renovation is between 3 to 6 months before key collection. Even so, some homeowners only make a decision from 1 month to a few weeks away from the actual start date. This can work during normal situations. But considering now that we are in a pandemic, a decision needs to be made at least 2 to 3 months before the actual start date.

Scheduling is done 2 to 3 months ahead for hacking and masonry slots. With the shortage of skilled workers, and the demand for them. The market now is close to volatile.

So, after taking into consideration all these factors. Plan and make a decision ahead for your renovation. Even then, still expect delays to pop up due to shortage in materials like laminate, tiles, sanitary fittings etc. Do not go into a project with a very tight timeline, and pressuring the contractor or ID when a delay pops up. The only thing that can happen is more delays.

If you are someone that is fickle, and changes at the drop of a hat. All the more time that you need to plan for the renovation. Don’t leave everything up to the last minute, don’t leave everything up to the ID and contractor. You need to do and start your own research for your renovation. Go to a tile supplier and window shop, google for vinyl suppliers and go there to have a look, go to bathroom shops to calculate how much you need for the things that you want.

All this leg work will save you precious time when you have chosen a contractor or ID. If you feel overwhelmed, have someone to come in and plan it out for you. This does not mean engaging them for the entire renovation project. This means they guide you to what you need to do and what you need to look out for. Someone looking over your shoulder. This will cost you only $200-$300, and you move ahead with your eyes open. With someone a phone call away when you encounter an issue.

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Want to know whether you can source for your own contractor and project manage your own renovation? Let you know in the next article.

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