Why were these renovation packages created?

After serving the renovation industry for years, we had realized that most renovation packages offered in the market were never meant to fulfill home buyers’ needs.

They are there to lure home buyers, with low upfront prices, and then upsell to the things that were actually needed in the first place. Even our own packages do not fully fulfill home buyers needs. But, we try our very best to be as comprehensive as we possibly can, so that you don’t get a rude shock halfway into the renovation process.

For example, all renovation packages will offer kitchen cabinet packages with only 20 feet of kitchen cabinet. 10 feet for top cabinet, and 10 feet for bottom cabinet. We know that a 20 feet cabinet will not be enough, especially for a resale flat. Only a 3 bedroom BTO flat will need a 20 feet kitchen cabinet only. So this is why we offer a 30 feet kitchen cabinet in all our packages. To tell you frankly, even this is not enough. Most 3, 4, 5 bedroom HDB flats will need at least 40 to 50 feet of kitchen cabinet to cover up the length of their huge kitchen.

Being home owners ourselves, we like practicality above all. And packages that fulfill your needs are our top priority.

Another example that I would like to say here is about our tiling works. When you start choosing your tiles, you will bring pictures from Pinterest, Google, Facebook etc. Some of these designs will be using smaller tiles, smaller than the usual 300 x 300 or the 300 x 600. Tiler labor will go up when they need to set these tiles. They need more time for the installation, and we can also face more wastage when these tiles are used. Because of this, there will be additional costs. But, by this time you would have already signed the contract and deposited a minimum of 10% from the total contract amount. When you choose our packages, we do not add on to this tiler labor and additional wastage. This is the plus point in our ready made packages.

Do you also know that less than 10% of homeowners that renovate their space actually calculate the total costs of renovation. Most only see what the initial quote is. Works that are added on later, mainly in the variation order for additional works are usually not calculated together. Even the expenses for the sanitary fittings, hood, hob, oven, sink and tap will not be included in the total costs spent. Again, not yet considering the expenses for furniture, fridge, television, washing machine, lights and even air conditioning system and fans.

When all these items are calculated together, it will definitely add up to a substantial amount. Why you do not need to worry when taking up our packages is we got the sanitary fittings covered, with more than 35% discount from our preferred suppliers. Even the hood and hob in the packages are discounted.

So the next time you shop around for quotations, be sure to ask the questions above with the items stated. And do some calculations of the total actual cost that you will need to spend, not just the upfront costs that you see.

I hope that the article above was beneficial for you, in this journey of renovating your space. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns, through our online booking system on our website. I will be more than happy to take your call, or even meet you for a no obligations consultation.

Talk to you again in the next article. Thank you for reading!

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