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4rm Kitchen Cabinet BTO Package - Premium

4rm Kitchen Cabinet BTO Package - Premium

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When you're getting new kitchen cabinets, you want to make sure you get the best deal.

Here’s why our kitchen cabinet package is better:

1. Clear Pricing

Some companies advertise a low price, but then charge you more for extra things you need. Our packages include everything, so the price you see is what you'll actually pay. No hidden fees!

2. Complete Service

Other companies may only do basic installation. Our package also includes things like electrical work and plumbing. We'll handle it all for your new cabinets.

3. Better Materials

Many companies use cheaper materials to save money. We use thicker, higher quality wood for things like your cabinet doors and body. And offer higher priced laminate. We also provide better brand name appliances.

4. Skilled Workers

Our carpenters are very experienced at installing high-quality kitchen cabinets.

5. We Listen to You

We focus on making your kitchen the way you want it. As your satisfaction is important to us.

Choosing us means no surprise costs and strong cabinets that look great. With skilled installation, and service that puts you first. We also dispose of debris responsibly. 

Trusted, Reliable, and Efficient Home Renovation Solutions. Available to you at affordable and direct contractor prices.


Package Details below:

Professional Services
Project Management
On-Site Supervision
Materials selection and consultation
3D rendering x 1
- 1x revision
Technical drawing

Masonry Works
To supply labor & materials to construct concrete base for kitchen cabinet only - 10 ft

Carpentry Works
To fabricate & install kitchen bottom cabinet only - 10 ft
To fabricate & install kitchen top cabinet only - 10 ft
To supply & install Quartz top tier 1 single profile only - 10 ft
- all carpentry c/w internal color carcass, ABS door trimmings, soft closing hinges/drawer tracks and selected laminate finish of up to $60.00 per pc.

* FREE 3 drawers w/ soft closing runner
* FREE frosted glass with laminate frame for dishrack door
* FREE standard 304 stainless steel dishrack w/ tray
* FREE waterproofing board for kitchen cabinet sink area up to 3ft only
* FREE 304 stainless steel hinges for kitchen cabinet sink area door 4pcs
* FREE BLUM HK for dishrack

Plumbing Works
To supply labor & tools to install sink+tap only - 1 set

Electrical Works
To supply & install hood point only - 1 no.
* FREE installation of hood and hob

Misc Works
To supply labor & transport to clear all renovation debris only

* FREE hood and 3 burner hob from Rinnai
* FREE sink w/ debris & sponge basket
* FREE sink tap
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