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The Great BTO Renovation Race: Timing Your Sprint to the Dream Home Finish Line

Hey there, new lovebirds! Ready to flap your wings and nest up in your very own BTO flat? Or perhaps you've snagged yourself a resale gem that's just a few tweaks shy of perfection. Either way, you're about to step into the wild adventure of home renovation. But how long will this thrilling ride last? Will it be a sprint or more of a marathon with a few water breaks (and maybe a pit stop or two)? Let's unravel the mystery of the BTO renovation timeline together, and don't worry, we'll keep it as light-hearted as fixing a leaky faucet – with a bit of technical flair, of course!

The BTO Renovation Timeline Unpacked

Renovating a BTO isn't just about slapping some paint on the walls and calling it a day. It's more like baking a multi-layered cake, where every layer needs time to settle. Here's a rough sketch of what to expect:

1. Pre-renovation Prep (1-2 weeks)

  • Getting Permits: Yes, paperwork first! You can't swing a hammer without the official go-ahead.
  • Choosing Your Dream Team: Time to pick your renovation gladiators! Renovation Contractor Singapore has been in the arena since 2019, just FYI.

2. Demolition and Hacking (1-3 days)

  • Making Way for the New: If your BTO needs some walls down, this is where the action begins. Earplugs might be a good investment.

3. Masonry and Flooring (1-3 weeks)

  • Laying the Foundation: Tiles, tiles, and more tiles. Choose wisely, because you'll be walking on these for a long time.

4. Carpentry and Fittings (2-4 weeks)

  • Building Your Dreams: From cabinets to closets, this is where your flat starts to look like a home.

5. Plumbing and Electrical (1-2 weeks)

  • The Veins and Arteries: Essential but hidden - like good magic.

6. Painting and Finishing Touches (1-2 weeks)

  • The Icing on the Cake: The final flourish that makes everything pop.

7. Cleaning and Inspection (1 week)

  • The Grand Cleanup: Making sure everything shines and works before the big move.

Resale Renovation Rundown

Did you get a resale flat? Add a sprinkle of unpredictability to the timeline. Resale units might need more love (and time) to turn them from drab to fab. Expect a slightly longer timeline due to potential additional repairs or updates.

Adding Buffer Time: Expect the Unexpected

Life loves to throw curveballs, especially during renovations. Adding a 2-4 week buffer to your timeline can save you from pulling your hair out when delays happen.


Why do I need permits for BTO renovation?

To ensure your renovation plans are safe and sound, not just for you but for the entire building.

Can I live in my flat during the renovation?

If you enjoy the symphony of drills and hammers, sure. But maybe find a temporary nest for peace of mind.

How can I speed up my renovation?

Be decisive with your choices and keep communication lines open with your contractors. And remember, good things take time!


Embarking on the journey of renovating your BTO or resale flat is like preparing for a marathon with a bit of a sprint. It's a test of patience, decision-making, and a dash of humour to keep things in perspective. By setting realistic expectations and planning with a buffer, you'll cross the finish line with a smile. And if you're looking for seasoned champions to lead your renovation relay, Renovation Contractor Singapore is your go-to team, with a track record of building dream homes since 2019.

Feeling pumped to start your renovation adventure? Schedule a consultation with Renovation Contractor Singapore and let's turn that dream home into reality, one hilarious step at a time!

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