What are my grout filler options?

Grout filler options in Singapore's renovation industry.


Typical grout fillers are cement based. Which is usually calculated together into the costs of tiling works. 

These grout fillers comes in the most choices of colors, and brands. Usually, the colors for the grout fillers is discussed after the process of choosing tiles, with homeowners. 

As grout filler brands only gives out physical catalog samples to material suppliers, it’s not easy for home owners to compare it physically. 

And they can only do so by visiting one of the largest materials supplier shops like SH Construction, that is consumer friendly. 

Other times, contractors will choose the most closest color to match the tiles, and share this with homeowner through photos and videos.  

There is another type of grout filler that is slowly gaining popularity. This is the epoxy grout filler. Epoxy grout fillers in the market here is very dependant on availability, and supply. 

It is almost impossible to get the same brands each time there is a grout filling project. What’s more, the colors available are not easily matched with the tiles chosen as it’s limited unlike the cement based grout fillers. 

Not all tilers are skilled enough to do this. This is also an additional charge on top of the tiling works, as the grout fillers are quite costly. 

Even the labor for this is not inclusive. Considering that the process of laying this grout filler is very labor intensive. 

Before laying the epoxy grout, you’ll need to clean the tiles of any cement residue. After that, you lay the epoxy grout using a special double silicone gun, and leave it for 12 - 15 hrs to dry.

You come back to cut the access grout, and touch up what is needed. And leave it again to dry after that. It’s a process that sometimes need 3 - 4 times of scraping the access and touching back up needed areas. 

Deciding to use epoxy grout may just be one of the best choices that you’ll make in the long run. As maintenance is low, and it last more longer than the typical cement grout. Even though initial cost can be high, think of it as an investment that can last you 15 to 20 years down the road. 

There might be other grout filler options available, but it's not widely available and used here locally. 


Get in touch with us to learn more about how much this can cost you, and how long we’ll need to get the works done. Talk to you soon!

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